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The Sickness & Prematurity Awareness

17 Nov

Last Friday I was sick. Like, stomach flu, call grandma down to take care of the kids because I can’t get out of bed, sick.

That lasted for about a day and then it turned into just a head cold.

And then Nolan got a runny nose (Saturday).

By Sunday morning the twins were sneezing.

On Sunday night we decided to go out to dinner in another city, we live at high altitude and had to go down the mountain. While on the way back up Lennon suddenly became hysterical and started SCREAMING that her ears hurt. Uh oh. We u-turned and headed down to Urgent Care. Yep. Double ear infection. Just on a whim we had E checked – one ear was infected.

Antibiotics were started that night.

On Monday I had to leave work early because Alex was starting to feel sick. When I got home the girls were watching cartoons. When I gave them a hug “hello” I noticed that Evy was “panting” rather than breathing and that her ribs were retracting. Uh oh.

I asked Alex if he had noticed that she was having a hard time breathing (she has asthma, both of the twins do but Evy’s is WAY worse – which is funny because she was always the better breather in the NICU). He said that he had given her a breathing treatment earlier and that it had helped. I gave her another one right then and it didn’t do much. So I gave her a steamy bath. No improvement. And by this time Lennon was starting to “pant” as well.

SO, we packed the kids up and headed down to the Emergency Room at about 8pm on Monday night.

I honestly thought they would give her a steroid shot and send us home.


Both girl’s 02 saturations were around 90 (Normal is 97-100, MAYBE a teeeny bit lower if you are really sick. Prolonged low saturations can cause brain damage.). They ended up giving both girls a dose of steroids, a gigantic shot of antibiotics in the thigh, and 5 (yes FIVE) breathing treatments. Lennon’s 02 finally went up to 95 at about 5:30am but Evy’s was stubbornly sticking around 91. Crap.

So they admitted her, gave breathing treatments every 2 hours, and put her on “blow by” oxygen (which means they put oxygen on at high concentration and just pointed it towards her face rather than strapping anything to her which she would then just claw off anyway).

By Tuesday night she was ready to come home.

I had to take Lennon in yesterday to get her 02 re-checked. It was at 95 but she was wheezing badly and so they almost admitted her then, but she improved after yet another breathing treatment (which we had been doing throughout the night at home as well) so she’s gotten to stay home thus far.

So last night everyone was finally at home. Breathing treatments for the twins every four hours around the clock, monster doses of antibiotics, steroids and various other goodies.

They said it was pneumonia. I am shocked that it came on that fast!

Nolan, thus far, seems fine. Just a cold.

Just a cold for me as well.

It will be interesting to see what happens when my newly-transplanted husband comes down with it.

Since November is Prematurity Awareness month I wanted to use this moment to point out that this was just a common cold. My 38 weeker has it and he is fine. Snot-nosed but still in high spirits and causing trouble. My 30 weekers, on the other hand, got knocked on their asses.

This is the life of a preemie. A chest-cold (something most kids get TONS of and it hardly slows them down) can kill them. And my kids are in great health for preemies.


Saying Goodbye

25 Feb

When I got home from work (just now) I found out that my great grandmother (who has been on hospice for awhile now) appears to have had a stroke and is not expected to live more than another few days – at most. Apparently she is unconscious and they say she could go at any moment. I have several decisions to make in the next few hours now;

1) Do I want to drive out to San Diego (about an hour from my home) to say goodbye…or do I want to remember her the way she was? My mom says she will not know if I am there or not now…which I am not sure if I believe. But I also don’t think she would mind if I didn’t come…and I am not sure if I can handle seeing that…but I also don’t like the idea of just sitting around waiting for the phone call…

Its so strange because weekend before last I went out there and sat with her for a few hours (she slept most of the time). When I left she made a big deal of saying goodbye to me…like she knew it was the last time. I noticed it at the time…but ignored it because I didn’t want it to be true….but she knew.

2) I have a test tomorrow. I was about 1/2 way finished studying for it when I got the news…and now there is no way I will be able to focus. I wrote my teacher to ask if he would mind letting me make it up later – but my Granie was always adamant that I not mess up my schooling because of her. I am the first one in my family to graduate from college and she is/was very excited about it. I don’t think making up the test because of this will be a big deal…but if I have to make one up like I was planning when I do my embryo transfer they might start getting a little pissed off at me.

Which brings me to;

3) Do I put off my IVF cycle now? I sort of think I must. I am going to be so upset during the next few weeks – and that is really not going to help my chances. Plus, I cannot end up on bed rest during the funeral!! Also, I have a strong feeling that if I do my cycle AFTER she passes, that it will be successful because she will make it happen for me once she is on the other side. I know that prolly sounds nutty, but…I guess if you knew my Granie you would know what I mean.

Do you think I can do that – or is it already too late? I’ve been on Lupron for a week…I guess I’d have to buy another bottle, which I don’t mind.


Nothing Much

23 Jan

Nothing much to post about at the moment folks. Sorry I’m so boring these days. 😉

I am really enjoying driving my new car around, my classes are kicking my butt (well, just one in particular, actually), and everything TTC related is still on “hold” indefinitely.

After pestering my OBGYN for antibiotics for the past 6 days, his office finally called today to let me know my prescription was ready. Nice. Thanks. Too bad the RE prescribed me the antibiotics YESTERDAY…the very same day I faxed my results to them. Now why didn’t I think of that sooner? My OB’s office is SO incompetent, in fact, that I am starting to get really scared about allowing them to slice me open in a few weeks here. I am sort of miffed that they are jumping right to doing a laparoscopy without even so much as an ultrasound first. I know that a lap is the only way to diagnose endometriosis (which is what the doctor suspects that I have) and that anything else that might show up on the ultrasound would likely have to be addressed with a laparoscopy anyway….So in a way I guess they are saving time by not bothering with the ultrasound…Maybe I am just looking for reasons to freak out?

All of our labs are done now except the ones that I have to do on CD three. I think AF is going to show tomorrow or the day after…I really hope its tomorrow because CD 1 is usually so painful that I can’t get out of bed and Friday morning is the class from hell (which I cannot miss). However, if it starts tomorrow that would put CD 3 on Saturday and the RE’s office said they could do it CD 3-5 meaning they would want me to go in on Monday….but Monday is “class from hell” day again. So, I’m not really sure what to hope for, lol. I guess it’ll happen when it happens. Maybe I can even put off the blood tests until next month (the month AFTER the lap)??

 Hubby and his father have still not applied for the loan, so I have no idea still if this is even going to pan out or not. Two of my family members have mentioned giving us a few thousand dollars to put towards the IVF, but who knows if they are serious or not. I have to say, it would sure be nice though!

I wonder if I should ask the OB to go ahead and prescribe me birth control pills to start the month after the lap? I should have asked him for them to start now, huh? I know you have to take them for a month before IVF, and they are also supposed to relieve the pain of endometriosis (if that is, indeed, what I have)…so I may as well start them, right?

Ok. That’s enough rambling. See, I told you it was boring around here!