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Unsolicited Review of Rockin Green Soap

26 Aug

I finally, FINALLY figured out a washing routine that worked for our cloth diapers.

We have hard water and I have pocket diapers (Kawaii Baby, to be exact).

And, for some reason, I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out a routine that a) got my diapers clean and fresh smelling (and I have a really sensitive sense of smell) and b) didn’t require rinsing them 8+ times as I was having to do with the Sun Free & Clear I was using.

After a debacle trying to order from Rockin Green and several angry Tweets by your’s truly (they finally made it right BTW) * I received my Rockin Green soap in Lavender Mint Revival and Motley Clean – both “Hard Rock” formula.

I also picked up some Country Save which I think will work just as well, but I have yet to really give it a try.

I have only tried the Lavender Mint scent so far but really does smell fantastic.

The first thing I did when my Rockin Green arrived was to “rock a soak” (aka REALLY hot water + soap overnight).

I also changed my wash routine from cold water rise, hot wash with soap, and then two more cold water risnses to a HOT water rinse, hot wash with soap and then two cold rinses.

My diapers have never been better. Stink free and no rinsing a bazillion times!

The hot water rinse first makes a huge difference and, if you are having stink issues, I highly recommend it.

I think I could probably even start skipping the second cold water rinse but I’m scared to try it due to my kids sensitive skin.

*I was having a hard time ordering from the Rockin Green site because, for some reason, it requires you to enter your telephone number twice when you only need to enter your other information once (it says to only fill out the second section if the mailing and billing addresses differ. This is apparently a bug in their system AND it also blocks you from sending requests for assistance). So, I tried to Tweet them and they took weeks to respond. It was actually another customer (and fellow Tweeter) who helped me out. Rockin Green did finally contact me and credited my account for having missed out on their coupon code for that month as well. And, to be fair, there is a telephone number listed on their site that I did not try calling.

** Neither Kawaii Baby (diapers) or Rockin Green (soap) endorsed this review in any way. It’s 100% me.