If you don’t have anything nice to say…

4 Oct

…don’t blog.

Which is why I haven’t been blogging much lately. And I’m sorry.

And it’s not that everything is crap and I have nothing good going on to talk about – cause I totally do!

My three precious miracles are adorable and I am enjoying being a mommy and spoiling them more than words can say.

But every time I sit down to blog my mind drifts to dark places and I want to use it as a soap box to vent my frustrations. And I just don’t want to do that.

But I’m still here. I still read your blogs and don’t comment as often as I should there either.

As soon as I can come up with a nice post about cute, fluffy bunnies and prancing unicorns I’ll be blowing up the blogosphere with my brilliant commentary on life in general.

In the mean time I’ll be dealing with this:

Don’t. Ask.


Try Not To Be *TOO* Jealous

8 Sep


But look who Nolan got to meet!!

It’s Tammy & Mark from www.twondra.blogspot.com!

What a lucky little bastard. I wish *I’d* gotten to meet Tammy & Mark.

Because apparently I didn’t.

Because I have NO photographic evidence of such an event ever occurring, even though I handed the camera to my husband with explicit instructions to take some pictures!

He is totally fired.

And yes, despite the fact that I have no photos to prove it (thanks a lot ALEX!) – I did, in fact, get to meet Tammy and Mark.

And yes, they are even more sweet and fabulous in real life. And yes I totally want to steal them away from Wisconsin and force them to live in my closet and…wait…

Is that weird?


Anyhow,  thank you guys for allowing the three of us (the twins were with grandma) to crash your vacation. It was wonderful to finally “meet” you IRL, hopefully we can do it again one day!

PS Alex you are also the WORST photographer EVER. (…waiting until Nolan goes on the attack before snapping the ONE picture….grrr….)

The End (for now) of Potty Learning

7 Sep


TWO mother-humping days later.

Everything went great for awhile – Lennon promptly peed in the potty thee second I brought them home and plunked them on the floor. A few hours later and Evelynn was getting in on the action.

They would both excitedly run over to the potties each time they were prompted (every 30 minutes or so) and would sit – concentrating intently – and even occasionally producing some urine.

A few hours after that – they both started  peeing on the floor with reckless abandon.

Both Alex and I tried patiently to remind them that “the pee pee goes in the potty, NOT on the floor.”

They didn’t much care.

In fact, they soon started to argue with us. NO they did not want to pee on the potty. NO they did not want to be big girls.

After several attempts at getting them to sit on the pot resulted in tears and tantrums, we gave the eff up. Yep. We’re quitters.

After a full day of diapering (today) with intermittent asking if they were interested in the potty (NO!) I brought out the big guns:

I presented the Yo Gabba Gabba underwear.

They were thrilled.

They named all of the characters…

(And then I almost passed the hell out because a few weeks ago Lennon was a catatonic zombie disaster!)

…and begged to put them on.

Over their diapers.

When I explained that they could not pee in these Lennon promptly handed hers over and turned her attention to the TV.

When I went on about how only big girls who went pee in the potty got to wear underwear like these and “ohhh, see how nice and soft and DRY they are?” they both reached out to pat them appreciably.

When I asked if they were ready to be big girls who peed on the potty and not in their big girl underwear Evy shook her head “no” and handed her’s over as well.


Obviously, they get the concept. Obviously, they are not ready.

Double phuck.

Nothing to do now but wait them out, I suppose?

Potty Learning

5 Sep

After talking about it all day for the past few days I finally admitted to myself that it was time for the twins to start potty learning.

Actually, its been time for awhile.

They have both been talking about poop, pee and potty for a long time. Showing interest in Alex and I using the bathroom and announcing when they needed to go/had already gone.

Honestly, it was ME that wasn’t ready.

Yesterday I decided that it was finally time and I set out to Babies R Us for some potties and “training” pants.

I came back with two of these:

They seem to be well-reviewed and the girls are able to get on/off of them easily.

I also ended up with Pull-Ups…though I’m not sure why. I wanted cloth “trainers” but the BBRU in the middle-of-nowhere (where I currently reside) does not carry such new-fangled items.

And Yo Gabba Gabba undies.

The girls have not gotten to wear them yet though – they are going to have to earn them. By peeing (and pooping) in the potties consistently.

For part of yesterday and all of today (except nap time when they wore Pull-Ups) they have been sans clothing from the waist down. We prompt them every so often (we really need to get a timer) to go and sit on the potty.

No one did anything yesterday, unless you count Evelynn peeing all over Alex’s work chair.

But today Lennon peed on the potty as soon as she got up this morning. Then she peed again (just a few drops). Then Evy peed on the floor. And then Evy peed a few drops on the toilet.

Over all, I am very impressed. I thought it would take days for them to pee in the potty at all. I think I’ve really been holding them back and they’ve been ready for quite some time now.

Goodbye babies. Hello little girls.

Dr’s Appointments, Bloggy Friends and a Rapidly Growing Baby Boy

4 Sep

As usual, things have been nuts around here.

We got the results from Lennon’s DNA back – she is 100% “typical” – which means that she has no genetic abnormality what so ever. I am actually shocked. I thought with multiple birth defects and low amniotic fluid (etc) that it was almost a guarantee. Alex was so happy when the news came in that he cried. I have mixed fillings. I am relieved but also still stumped. Something is still going on with my child and I am still no closer to answers.

She missed her MRI due to a major traffic jam on the freeway and that needs to be rescheduled. She missed her last speech therapy appointment for the same reason. Lovely.

She did see the cranio-facial plastic surgeon and the neurologist. The neurologist thinks she has CP (which is what is causing the shaking, in his opinion) but wants us to bring her back after her birthday to be diagnosed definitively.

The CFPS said that she had some gaps in her skull (hence, huge gap in the corner of her eye) from the surgery that her body was trying to fill in with new bone. Apparently this is rare and is also quite painful. This is our one and only theory as to Lennon’s strange behavior. I am afraid to hope that it is something this simple.

I’m also afraid to even post that she seems to have snapped out of it.

She still isn’t eating great most of the time (sometimes she eats like a champ) but at least she is eating like a typical toddler now. By that I mean she will eat fruit, french fries, some veggies, yougrt…you know…what SHE wants to eat.

The CFPS also said that he is hopeful that she will not need any more surgeries for the craniosynostosis. I am hopeful but going to keep my guard up until she is a teenager and stops growing as rapidly, because you just never know. Can’t ever trust cranio.

So the plan now is to get the MRI to rule out Chairi and then hope like hell that she doesn’t revert to her zombie-like state again.

I stumbled across a few blogs by parents of children who have had heart transplants today. Most of the time I try not to think about the fact that Lennon needs heart surgery too. It’s just more than I can deal with right now and, hopefully, something I won’t have to face for awhile.

Alex has been struggling with UTIs lately – which is not good news when you have a brand spanking new kidney transplant. Hopefully this next round of antibiotics will knock it out.

Other than the medical drama (what else is new?!) things are going well around here.

The girls birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I can’t believe they are going to be TWO! And they are getting ready to potty learn. Evelynn is more interested than Lennon is but I bought them some Yo Gabba Gabba underwear and I’m going out today to get the potty and some carpet soap. We’ll see how it goes.

Evy is also talking up a storm…we are up to five word sentences now. Len is right behind her. She’s a bit quieter, but talks well when she decides she wants to.



Muh baby.

He is starting to cruise. He is in size 24 month clothes. He has two bottom teeth. He is going to be a year old in less than nine weeks. *sob*

I also think that HE is thinking about weaning. I never thought he would want to so soon, he has loved nursing, but he has less and less interest these days. I think he’s just too busy to stop and sit down to do it. He has also started occasionally sleeping through his 5/6am nursing session. I’ll keep nursing him as long as he keeps showing interest, but I’m saddened to say that it may be the beginning of the end.

In between running around like crazy people to different Dr’s appointments we also had the privilege of meeting up with some bloggy friends earlier this week. I haven’t asked her yet if it’s okay so I won’t say who it was – but I *will* say that they were even nicer than I could have imagined and I was so, SO thrilled to meet them. How awesome, after reading someone’s blog for YEARS to actually get to meet up? Her’s was one of the very first blogs I ever started following.

Unsolicited Review of Rockin Green Soap

26 Aug

I finally, FINALLY figured out a washing routine that worked for our cloth diapers.

We have hard water and I have pocket diapers (Kawaii Baby, to be exact).

And, for some reason, I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out a routine that a) got my diapers clean and fresh smelling (and I have a really sensitive sense of smell) and b) didn’t require rinsing them 8+ times as I was having to do with the Sun Free & Clear I was using.

After a debacle trying to order from Rockin Green and several angry Tweets by your’s truly (they finally made it right BTW) * I received my Rockin Green soap in Lavender Mint Revival and Motley Clean – both “Hard Rock” formula.

I also picked up some Country Save which I think will work just as well, but I have yet to really give it a try.

I have only tried the Lavender Mint scent so far but really does smell fantastic.

The first thing I did when my Rockin Green arrived was to “rock a soak” (aka REALLY hot water + soap overnight).

I also changed my wash routine from cold water rise, hot wash with soap, and then two more cold water risnses to a HOT water rinse, hot wash with soap and then two cold rinses.

My diapers have never been better. Stink free and no rinsing a bazillion times!

The hot water rinse first makes a huge difference and, if you are having stink issues, I highly recommend it.

I think I could probably even start skipping the second cold water rinse but I’m scared to try it due to my kids sensitive skin.

*I was having a hard time ordering from the Rockin Green site because, for some reason, it requires you to enter your telephone number twice when you only need to enter your other information once (it says to only fill out the second section if the mailing and billing addresses differ. This is apparently a bug in their system AND it also blocks you from sending requests for assistance). So, I tried to Tweet them and they took weeks to respond. It was actually another customer (and fellow Tweeter) who helped me out. Rockin Green did finally contact me and credited my account for having missed out on their coupon code for that month as well. And, to be fair, there is a telephone number listed on their site that I did not try calling.

** Neither Kawaii Baby (diapers) or Rockin Green (soap) endorsed this review in any way. It’s 100% me.

Sunday Evening Leftovers

22 Aug

* Hubby messed up his meds today. He took them 3 hours late and it is VERY important that they be taken on time. Everything seems to be okay though – thus far.

* Lennon is having her DNA run to check for any genetic disorders although the geneticist said that he does not suspect any based on her physical exam. We have five more weeks to wait for those results.

* The neurologist said that he thinks she has CP (cerebral palsy) and that is all that he thinks that she has.

* She has been eating better. Not nearly enough food (toddlers her age need about 1,000 calories a day – I’d say she gets about 500 on average. Maybe. On a good day.)

* She has an MRI on September 14th, which I would be raising hell about (not soon enough) EXCEPT that I, Evelynn and Nolan all have a cold and I expect Lennon and Hubby to get it next.

* Hubby’s name is Alex.

* Well, actually his name is Victor and he goes by his middle name, which is Alexander.

* I freaking LOVE that name and was pissed that he wouldn’t let me name Nolan after him.

* Lennon is also going out to Los Angeles with Hubby (I mean Alex) next Monday. He has an appointment with his transplant team and she has an appointment with her cranio facial team.

*I need them to check out the huge jagged gap I found in the corner of her eye socket.

* Evelynn has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. Is it strange that I am jealous of my own child’s hair? I have NEVER had a good hair day. Lucky stinker.

* Nolan still seems to be suffering with the ear infection. The antibiotics are 1/2 gone and he has an appointment at the end of the week. He keeps pulling on his ears (both of them now) and is really fussy. No fever (anymore). Hmmm.

* Tonight I take my last birth control pill.

* I am having my IUD placed tomorrow morning.

* I am freaking terrified.

* It is 7:45pm and I JUST put dinner in the oven. Bad mommy.

* This picture, by the way, shows Lennon in her typical state. Zoned out, crammed into some sort of object not made for a human to fit into, covered in something (stuffed animals, blankets, whatever) stemming with her blankie and sucking her thumb. Trying to ignore the world around her.

This concerns me.

However, she does not do this ALL the time. Other times she is very social. Paradoxical.