Sunday Evening Leftovers

22 Aug

* Hubby messed up his meds today. He took them 3 hours late and it is VERY important that they be taken on time. Everything seems to be okay though – thus far.

* Lennon is having her DNA run to check for any genetic disorders although the geneticist said that he does not suspect any based on her physical exam. We have five more weeks to wait for those results.

* The neurologist said that he thinks she has CP (cerebral palsy) and that is all that he thinks that she has.

* She has been eating better. Not nearly enough food (toddlers her age need about 1,000 calories a day – I’d say she gets about 500 on average. Maybe. On a good day.)

* She has an MRI on September 14th, which I would be raising hell about (not soon enough) EXCEPT that I, Evelynn and Nolan all have a cold and I expect Lennon and Hubby to get it next.

* Hubby’s name is Alex.

* Well, actually his name is Victor and he goes by his middle name, which is Alexander.

* I freaking LOVE that name and was pissed that he wouldn’t let me name Nolan after him.

* Lennon is also going out to Los Angeles with Hubby (I mean Alex) next Monday. He has an appointment with his transplant team and she has an appointment with her cranio facial team.

*I need them to check out the huge jagged gap I found in the corner of her eye socket.

* Evelynn has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. Is it strange that I am jealous of my own child’s hair? I have NEVER had a good hair day. Lucky stinker.

* Nolan still seems to be suffering with the ear infection. The antibiotics are 1/2 gone and he has an appointment at the end of the week. He keeps pulling on his ears (both of them now) and is really fussy. No fever (anymore). Hmmm.

* Tonight I take my last birth control pill.

* I am having my IUD placed tomorrow morning.

* I am freaking terrified.

* It is 7:45pm and I JUST put dinner in the oven. Bad mommy.

* This picture, by the way, shows Lennon in her typical state. Zoned out, crammed into some sort of object not made for a human to fit into, covered in something (stuffed animals, blankets, whatever) stemming with her blankie and sucking her thumb. Trying to ignore the world around her.

This concerns me.

However, she does not do this ALL the time. Other times she is very social. Paradoxical.


7 Responses to “Sunday Evening Leftovers”

  1. S August 22, 2010 at 7:45 pm #

    I like the new look…very cool.

    At least you cooked dinner, we went out for dinner.

    Jagged eye socket…what do you mean and how did you find it?

    What are your thoughts on the CP dx?

    Keep updating about Lennon. I’m following you on twitter now, so I’m more in the loop. I know her behavior makes you stressed. Hugs.

    • MrsLala August 22, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

      We were at Disneyland, actually, when I found it. I noticed that the corner of her eye looked swollen so I touched it and when I did my finger just kept going in! *shiver* Then I discovered that the outter corner of her eyesocket – well – doesn’t exist.

      CP dx…I agree. It makes sense. I don’t know if that’s ALL it is. I guess that would be nice, considering is obviously mild…She’s walking.

  2. Emily August 22, 2010 at 8:17 pm #

    OH my! That pic of L & E is so adorable!!! Although I do understand your worry and I hope with all my heart that they find out what is wrong with L. Super scary about the eye socket gap. Poor mommy. I would be worried out of my mind!

    Hoping you get answers for everything, my dear.

  3. Michell August 22, 2010 at 9:12 pm #

    Hope you get some answers soon.

  4. seussgirl August 23, 2010 at 3:18 am #

    So much to say…
    Let me know how the MRI goes; I’d like to get one for Nugget, but they didn’t recommend it yet.
    I am also jealous of Bug’s hair; probably why he looks like a surfer dude in need of a haircut. 🙂
    And my boys also like to climb into small spaces – I think that part is just kids being kids and feeling cozy.
    I also hope you get answers soon!

  5. Chelle August 23, 2010 at 8:24 am #

    Poor Lennon. 😦 It has got to be so hard on you as her mother. I can only imagine. I just hope they are able to figure out why she doesn’t eat enough.

    You’re going to love your IUD. Even though I didn’t want to be on BC, that was the best decision. I will do an IUD again when we have to prevent next time. I totally prefer it over the pill for sooo many reasons.

    Good luck with everything.


  6. scorrysgirl August 23, 2010 at 5:49 pm #

    *don’t be afraid of the IUD- I got one placed at the end of June, and while it was not the most comfortable procedure, it was not as bad as I was expecting. My uterus did not like it for a couple of days and I had a little cramping for about a week, but less than even period- induced cramping. You’ll be fine. Just prepare for some spotty bleeding/ breakthrough bleeding for the next few months. No biggie- just inconvenient.
    *I too am jealous of my daughter’s naturally curly, perfect shade of brown/ highlighted hair.
    *I hope that the appointments go well for Alex and Lennon. I think I would be freaked out by eye socket issues as well.
    *LOVE your blog

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