24 Feb

Hubby: Starts his IVIG tomorrow. Gah. Possibly only another month or two until kidney transplant time? I dare not even hope.

Nolie: Huge. Just, HUGE! He weighs 16 lbs (Lennon weighs 17!) and can wear anything from 6 to 12 month depending. Sheesh. He’s just starting to try and roll over, he chatters and babbles constantly (face-meltingly adorable!) and is still breastfeeding like a champ. OH, and he’s been sleeping from 9pm to 5am consistently for quite some time now.  We didn’t vaccinate at his 3 month well baby – I’m still researching. We did vaccinate the girls at their 3 and 6 month, but only did flu shots at their 12. I’d love some input if anyone has an opinion on this matter.

The Girls:

           Lennon – Is FINALLY walking! 17 months old and she just got her first tooth and has graduated from “cruising”. Poor kiddo. She’s also taken to tantruming, throwing food, and biting (hilarious with the single tooth). Overall though I think the kid might actually freaking turn out alright. Can I breathe now?

           Evelynn – Is my little tank. Yesterday Hubby put the girls in their high chairs and then went to get them a snack. He forgot to buckle them in. I was in the back of the house changing for work when I heard a HUGE “thud” and then my mom screaming “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” at the top of her lungs…and then Evy screaming. Yep. She climbed out and hit her head. On the tile floor. Since no one saw it happen we don’t know which part of her body hit first, but she had a pretty nice bruise almost immediately. Stupidly, I threw her in the car with Hubby in the back seat and drove like a crazy woman to the ER (what we should have done was immobilize her and then called 911 like Mrs.J did, hindsight, right?). Long story short; she is fine. Totally fine. Giggling and mouthing toys and flirting with nurses by the time we got to the hospital, fine. They checked her all over and then sent us home within an hour. I think I have a few new grey hairs. Hubby felt super guilty…but I told him not to be TOO hard on himself…we all slip up once and awhile. Lesson learned.

Me: Still pissed off at my employer. The job in Las Vegas apparently wasn’t smitten with me. unfortunately, I could have done better at the interview. I don’t think that I did badly, but I was REALLY tired from driving out there late the night before and I know it showed. No one wants to hire someone who’s barely able to keep their eyes open. Ah well. I’ll keep trying I suppose.


4 Responses to “:::”

  1. Michell February 25, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Glad everything is going mostly well. I hope Evelynn’s bruise goes away quickly. Reminds me though of the time I put my little sister on the merry go round thing at Mcdonalds. She was holding on and I thought she would be fine so I let go. So did she and she fell off it. I felt soooo bad.

  2. Courtney February 25, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    I’ve got a PhD in molecular biology. My mother is a public health nurse and school nurse. My 6 week old is getting all her vaccinations on schedule. I’m not taking a risk with her health or the health of other children (who due to health reasons can’t be vaccinated) by not vaccinating them.

    Especially with your husband facing an organ transplant and the anti-rejection drugs that suppress the immune system, you do not want to risk the health of your children or your husband. (But be sure your doctor knows of your husband’s condition because some of the childhood vaccines have live virus and people with suppressed immune systems can’t be around them for a certain period after receiving the vaccine).

    There are now outbreaks of measles happening all over- including California:

    The paper the purported to link vaccines to autism has been retracted because it was bogus. The many studies showing no link between autism and vaccines are valid. Vaccinate your kids- they don’t need measles, mumps or rubella.


  3. Emily February 25, 2010 at 8:50 pm #

    So glad that Nolan is doing well, as are your girls. 🙂 Good luck with hubby’s treatment. xoxo

  4. twondra February 26, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    Yay about the transplant!! Poor Evelyn!! Glad she’s okay!

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