2 Jan

This is probably going to be a short post because I”m exhausted. We took the kiddos to see the Rose Parade floats today (they park them along the street can you can pay to go and look at them up close). Gah.

Big mistake.

It was HOT (freaking HELL I need to move some place cooler!), it was crowded. The kids had not napped. AND, Nolan decided that today was the day to poop. He had not pooped in two days. There was a LOT of poop. Everywhere.

Let’s just say I am embarrassed to admit that I had to get ghetto and strip him down naked to bathe him with baby wipes in the middle of thousands of people. Ew.

It was awesome to see the floats up close (they are WAY more detailed than they seem on TV) – but it is something we won’t be doing again until the little ones are older (and walking).

I did want to say a few things about this past year, though, so I needed to toss something together before it gets too far into 2010:

2009 was a big, big year in the life of La. My sweet, sweet princesses who I tired for four years to conceive and was 100% convinced were never going to come grew from teeny little preemies into intelligent, sweet, funny little toddlers. We celebrated their first birthday this year.

This year we found out that my precious Lennon had a birth defect called metopic craniosynostosis and we had to make the most agonizing decision I have ever had to make in my entire life: to have our tiny 10 month old daughter undergo a fairly risky surgery that would involve removing and reshaping her skull and a portion of her face. We knew the recovery was going to be rough, but nothing can prepare you for hearing your little one moaning in pain…for seeing them pale, bruised, swollen…It was without a doubt the worst thing I have ever been through in my life. Worse than losing my grandmother even, and that’s not to say that that wasn’t horrible. This was unimaginable.

BUT, Lennon is amazing and she bounced back SO quickly! It hasn’t even been four months post-op and most of the time I forget it even happened. That child never ceases to amaze me. (Well, all three of them do, really).

Evelynn got eight teeth and learned how to walk this year (no teeth or walking for Len yet…that’ll be a post for another day).

And then there is Nolan.

Ah, Nolan.

The night he was conceived I looked at my husband right before doing “the deed” (*blush*) and said something along the lines of “I know you’re going to think I’m crazy, but I have a really weird feeling about this – I think we should use a condom”. Hubby refused, of course and told me I was nuts and that we were 100% infertile. I laughed, and agreed.

Two months later I found out I was having a Nolan. =)

Nolie-poo…you are the most amazing, fantastic thing I never even knew I wanted. Now that you’re here I cannot imagine life without you. You are a perfect baby – beautiful and peaceful, sweet and charming. Thank you for gracing us with your presence this year.

This year was painful and beautiful, frustrating and exhilarating. What a year it was!

So here’s to 2010 – may it be the year of successful kidney transplants, of a new career for LaLa, of happy and healthy children, of no surprise pregnancies for this family (*wink*), and of finally, FINALLY getting the frick out of my parent’s spare bedroom and into our OWN home! Oh, and the year of the mini van.


6 Responses to “2009”

  1. S January 3, 2010 at 6:35 am #

    Here’s to 2010 being a great year for all of us and our babies!!!

  2. twondra January 3, 2010 at 9:50 am #

    I hope this is your year sweetie!! Thinking of you!!

  3. Aunt Becky January 3, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

    To 2010! *raises Diet Coke*

  4. Emily January 3, 2010 at 10:52 pm #

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting. Apparantly when I revamped my blog some blog addresses didn’t get swithched, and I barely ever check my blog reader.

    So I feel like poo. Not to mention that I have only recently (in the past few weeks) have had time to be blogging and reading others’ blogs.

    Anyways. So happy for you. I know 2009 was good and bad for you. The surgery was scarey, and heartwrenching. I can’t even imagine how hard it was for you to see your little dear recover.

    But glad she is doing well now, and glad things are looking up. This economy sucks ass, I know that, we have been hit financially (G lost his job, we’re barely scraping by with our stupid expensive mortgage payments). We are financially poor right now but rich in love, baby (sigh) and home. I know you are the same.

    Sending all the best for an EVEN BETTER 2010.


  5. jessica January 4, 2010 at 5:37 pm #

    it’s it awesome how Christ carries us through……..no matter how tough we think it is…we are strenghened through him…..congrats on your wonderful family..u have truely been blessed may all the glory be to him and may you rely on him in 2010…we love you have fun with ann

  6. Carrie January 6, 2010 at 7:45 am #

    I don’t think you should change your blog name. It explains how you got to where you are!

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