Still here. Still pregnant.

2 Oct

 Gotta love middle of the night, barely coherent, hormone driven, drugged up, enraged posts by yours truely…yes?

So this morning I woke up to blood soaking through my jammie bottoms. Blood with small clots.  Not a large amount, but enough to soak the “crotch” area and then run down my leg later after bathing. I think maybe it was my mucus plug later on because it was mucousy and stringy. Yuck. (TMI, sorry). I think it’s stopping now though.

I did try to call my doctor, but the hospital I am using this time around is 7th Day Adventist and they shut down the medical offices (not the hospital) at noon on Fridays for sabbath. So, I tried calling at 10 and waited on hold for forever before giving up.

I have intense pain in my lower belly near my incision from my cescaren…I think that’s because I have a cough though. And I have been having what feel to ME like contractions sporadically all day. They start with a back ache (kinda like period cramps, but in the back) and then wrap around the front and squeeze…and hurt like hell…and make it feel like my pelvis is being ripped in two. Kinda like what I felt with the girls, but worse (my back never hurt with them). What makes me think they may NOT be contractions is that my whole stomach does get hard every time…only part of my stomach usually…if that makes any sense. Also, they are not rhythmic. Well, at least they never STAY rythmic for long.

A lot of the time it feels like I ate something bad and am having tummy issues. In fact, I have been having some tummy issues…(diarrhea, more TMI, SORRY!).

This morning I tried to get out of work but wasn’t able to so I ended up running around town for a bit. That actually went fine…but as the evening wears on I am increasingly miserable. I will go through periods where the contractions come semi rhythmically but it always goes away after an hour or two, for an hour or two and then comes back. ::sigh::

I REALLY wish he would stay in there for another week and a half. Babies born at 34 weeks often have to spend at least a week or two in the NICU (not always though). I HATE the idea of having another baby in the NICU!

Well…maybe what I’m feeling is just a stomach bug. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


2 Responses to “Still here. Still pregnant.”

  1. annacyclopedia October 2, 2009 at 9:59 pm #

    It does sound to me (from what I’ve learned so far in our prenatal class) that this could be pre-labour. The tummy issues can be a sign of early labour. One thing I learned which I didn’t know before was about telling real contractions from the braxton hicks – our teacher said to feel the top of your uterus and if it’s hard, it’s a real contraction and likely early labour, which can also go on for a long time – doesn’t necessarily mean birth is imminent. Sorry if this is old hat to you but it seemed like a nice clear bit of info to me – it’s really hard to tell in the early stages what’s what.

    I hope the bleeding stays stopped and that everything calms down so your boy can stay in a bit longer. I’m thinking of you and beaming you good thoughts no matter what, though!

  2. Sonya October 3, 2009 at 7:16 am #

    I’m a little worried about you…I hope you’ve been able to call your doctor. I had “pre-labor” with both my pregnancies, but this sounds more like the real thing to me.

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