Just As I Suspected…

2 Mar

The girls TOTALLY lost it at the photographer’s.

Well, they did great for half of the session and then totally lost their minds (you know how kids will cry until they have no air left, then keep that FACE like they are still crying for a few more seconds even though there is no sound coming out, and then take a deep breath and scream all over again….?). The photographers (it was a team of two) told us to go home and come back in 2 weeks. LOL

I think part of the problem was that we fed them in the lobby an hour before our session, we should have done it RIGHT before we went in. Also, we should have brought some of their favorite toys from home.

That said, I think the photographers were being sort of unrealistic. I felt that they should have been snapping shots off the entire time, not just waiting for that “perfect” moment (which almost never came). And they kept pulling Lennon’s thumb out of her mouth even though I told them a thousand times that I thought it was cute and that I didn’t mind it being in. Well, once Lennon goes for the thumb you CANNOT pull it out of her mouth without her losing her freaking mind. SO, that was that. OH, and I really appreciated them making me feel like a crappy mom for letting them cry. I really did.

Um. If they had just followed what I was telling them for even a FEW minutes, the girls would not have BEEN crying. Grrr.

We did get some adorable shots of the girls with their cousin, though, and a few family shots of us with the girls. We’ll see how those turn out, I didn’t really have time to get ready and Hubby – due to his health issues – was sweating like crazy.

After the photo debacle, we (Hubby, myself, Hubby’s cousin and his wife, and their 11 month old son) all went out for Italian food. Mmmmhahaha. Yeah, it was an adventure. But I’m glad that we are venturing out more and more with the girls. I’m sick of being stuck in the house and, as long as we don’t let anyone touch them/breathe on them and we are diligent about washing our hands…I think it should be ok. Hopefully.

Plus, the girls get really excited when we go places. They know what the carseat means and, Lennon in particular, gets really giddy. They LOVE looking out the windows while we are driving (I’m not sure how much they can see being stuc in those rear-facing seats and all, but they love to try).

Speaking of which, I’ll leave you with a story:

Last week we were taking Lennon out to LA to see the plastic surgeon about her head and the monitor went off. ON the busy LA freeway. I took off my seat belt and dove into the back seat – but I couldn’t wake her up! I started screaming, Hubby started weaving and speeding like a mad man trying to exit the freeway, and I ended up LODGED (totally STUCK) between the front seats and got a huge bruise on my hip for my efforts.

Oh Lennon?

Um yeah.

Totally woke up 2 seconds later and gave me the “mom, you’re crazy” look.

Thanks kid. =)


4 Responses to “Just As I Suspected…”

  1. Becky March 2, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

    Kids seem to find going to the photographer to be evil, and I always walk out of there so exhausted that I could cry. And yet it’s totally worth it. A month later when I can look back on the day.

  2. Annarchy March 3, 2009 at 5:11 am #

    They are just trying to keep you on your toes!!!! I hope the next session goes accordingly. I hope you guys get some good pictures because I can’t wait!!!!

  3. Michelle March 3, 2009 at 9:44 am #

    What a bummer about the photo shoot. That would be my luck too. Hopefully things work out better when you go back in two weeks.

  4. Katie March 5, 2009 at 7:39 pm #

    Holy cow I would have freaked and I’m pretty sure my husband would have crashed. I’m glad everything turned out OK though (well, minus the photographer experience….)

    As a sidenote, my password still doesn’t work and I have yet to see the girls =( Can you email it to me?

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