The funny thing that Hubby said:

2 Feb

“If we default on the loan, do they repo the kid?” LOL Funny man (that’s why I married him).

 Now I am wondering…when do I tell my boss what is going on, and WHAT do I say? I am sort of thinking I will wait unitl after the torture of next week…JUST incase they find somethig and we end up having to postpone or cancel. No reason to put my job in jepordy for nothing. After that though, I sort of have to tell them. Unfortunatly, I have one of those jobs where if I don’t do it, it pretty much just doesn’t get done. Which is exactly why I have over four weeks of vacation and 8 weeks of sick time on the books – you can’t take a day off without feeling like you’re going to get canned. They have been really great about next week, but I have NO idea what they are going to do when I hit them with the rest of it. =/

Then, do I go to my supervisor, or the boss? Do I tell them the truth, or make something up? I think they will be sympathetic to my plight…we ARE an adoption agency after all…But with all the slack they have been cutting me for being in college, they might not take too kindly to this on TOP of giving me time off for classes. I suppose I could drop my classes for the term, I would HATE to do that though…I’ve done it once before and that is a WHOLE lot of $ to toss. Not my first choice.

Should I just ask to meet with my supervisor and bring her the IVF calander? Should I email her??? What did/would you guys do?


3 Responses to “The funny thing that Hubby said:”

  1. (in)fertile Myrtle February 2, 2008 at 8:07 pm #

    I would just tell her you are going through some medical procedures. No need to tell them more.

    And, btw, feel free to follow my journey – I will be following yours as well!

  2. futurewise February 3, 2008 at 4:44 am #

    You are the one who knows if there will be some consequences if you don’t tell or if you tell. I guess, my policy is always come clean. And if the boss’ reaction is not good- I work from there. At least you will know your position.
    Good luck, either way!

  3. Michell February 3, 2008 at 1:25 pm #

    I tend to think that honesty is the best policy, at least partial honesty anyways. I would wait until after your procedures next week and make sure that it will be something that will happen. As far as the IVF stuff, depending on the hours of the clinic you may be able to do some either before or after work. The only time I need to actually take time off work was for my ER and I would have had to have a day for the ET. Good luck.

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