CBE (as promised)

18 Sep

I guess I should get this over with…so here goes. I work for a local FFA (foster family agency) which specializes in placing hart-to-place children. About three years ago a little boys came to us (lets call him CBE for Cutest Boy Ever). He was three years old, obsessed with super heroes, cute as can be, and possibly dying of advanced kidney cancer. He was immediately put on my caseload (I am not a social worker, I take kids on outings, work on skills, supervise birth family visits, transport, etc, etc, etc) and I was put in charge of taking him to his chemo appointments. Can you say HEART WRENCHING!? He was such a stinkin trooper. I will never forget this one time when I drove him to the hospital – and driving him the car used to make him throw up each and every time. We were almost to the hospital and he told me that he needed to throw up. I whipped out one of my gallon sized zip-loc bags that I kept stashed everywhere just for him (they work GREAT for this kind of thing, BTW) and handed it to him. When we pulled into a parking spot he still hadn’t thrown up and I asked him if he wanted to wait in the car for a minute. He said no, that he could wait a few minutes and that we should walk up to the building. So, we walked up to the building and GBE sat himself down on a bench right by the front door and began to heave into his plastic bag. Tiny little 3 year old, not a hair on his head, skinny as a rail…and he looks up at me with huge brown eyes and then pats the bench next to him “You can sit down if you want, this might take awhile.” OMG ::tear:::

About a year after that CBE had a stem cell transplant in a last ditch effort to save him. If you don’t know what that is…they basically give you really high doses of chemo until everything in your body is dead and things start to shut down. Then they pump you full of stem cells (which they harvest from you before hand) and either you live and the cancer is usually gone or you die. It is 50/50. Well, it was awful – as in watching this child bleed from every hole on his body, moaning and swollen and can’t even open his eyes for days at a time – but CBE made it! He survived and now (at 6 years old) is cancer free!

The whole reason tat CBE ended up in foster care to begin with is that birth dad (we have no idea who birth mom is or where she is) was not taking him to his chemo appointments and when he finally did bring him in one day…he just left him there and never came back! Needless to say, CBE ended up for adoption fairly quickly. His current foster parents – and I love them to death personally – do not appreciate him AT ALL. They are raising their grandson and have another foster daughter that they got as a newborn who they are now adopting. They are NOT interested in adopting CBE and constantly complain about his ADHD. They complain about everything about him, in fact, and even complained about his Make A Wish trip. They got a free cruise in the Bahamas for Pete’s sake!!! They regularly go on family vacations and leave CBE at home in respite (but they take their grandson and their other foster daughter) and even tried to bar my husband and I from taking him to Disneyland (which I promised to him if he fought and got better after his stem cell transplant). They said the he was not well behaved enough and that he did not deserve to go when really it was because they cannot afford to take their other kids and didn’t want CBE to go when they couldn’t. ARRRGGGH!

Ok, I can see that this story is going to be really, REALLY long so I’ll stop here for now.


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